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ahead. >>> for the latest on the grilling accident that left espn anchor hannah storm bad but i burned. >> reporter: the flames hit her like a ball of fire. >> i looked out -- it's a terrible feeling. >> reporter: it was december 11th. espn anchor hannah storm was getting dinner ready. he is lit the grill, left for 10 minutes. when he is returned the wind had killed the fire. >> after i turned the gas off, i relit the flame and it was a huge fire. it blew the doors off. >> reporter: the flames licking at her face, neck and chest. >> i yelled to my daughter, mommy's on fire. you have to call 911. >> reporter: it left her with first degree burns on her neck and face and second degree burns on her badly injured left hand. >> i had my kids changing my bandages. >> reporter: her recovery continues but she's back to work. now she's sharing her story and how lucky she feels to be able to tell it. >> i spent an hour in hair and make up. i was, by far, the most fortunate person in my burn unit. >> reporter: what happened to hannah storm can happen to anyone. propane gas is heavier than gas so i
chelsea clinton, seen visiting the hospital. >>> comeback story. our friend and colleague at espn, hannah storm, back posting the rose parade after a terrifying accident at home. the grill explosion that left her with first and second degree burns. tonight, the lesson for all of us as she shares her story, right here. >>> and the reunion. the moment at the parade no one saw coming. not even the little boy, stunned by his new year's surprise. >>> good evening. diane is back here tomorrow night. and we begin tonight on this first evening of the new year, when so many americans make resolutions to change, but it appears not much has changed in washington. when that famous ball dropped at midnight, taxes went up for every american. this evening, after the vice president jumped in, a giant setback. so, let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl tonight. it would seem like they're playing with fire now. taxes, at least, for this evening, have gone up and the stock market already seeing jitters leading up to the cliff. >> reporter: they are certainly worried about the mark
is a member of the board of supervisors. >> hang on hannah oconnel and scott weiner. [ applause ] >> so i am not hannah. i will be reading wishes tonight and alternate. the first is from sisters in gramic of the sisters of loreto my wish is that we achieve marriage equality in every state and we resend doma on the federal level to achieve full quality for lesbian and gay relationships across the land. >> i wish that the bees were not dying from. >> that is a good one. >> my hope is for improved economic conditions for my country's most vulnerable people that we create healthy environments and green spaces and by country men and women become fully conscious of their ability to change things for the better. >> baptist from haiti. my wish is for more justice, economic as well as social justice, starting with the recognition that poverty is not a sin. >> i wish for wish for a world without boarders and walls, age 53, argentina. [ applause ] >> i wish for a world where the children are more just and more kind and fair in the world than the one we know. president, barack obama. >> and now, this is
at espn, hannah storm, back on the air today at the rose parade after a terrifying accident at home. a propane grill exploding, setting her on fire. you might have seen some of hannah's high profile interviews right here, this one with tim tebow before this season. she's been a great friend to this broadcast, bringing her reports right to "world news." she also anchors "sportscenter" on espn, of course. and just three weeks after that horrific explosion, her comeback, hosting today's rose parade with "good morning america's" josh elliott. tonight, here, though, a powerful lesson and the images of hannah in the days after the explosion. and we warn you, they are difficult to look at. hannah, can you take us back to that night? you were grilling outdoors, as you would on a typical night, getting dinner ready for the family? >> i went outside on a chilly night to light a propane grill. i went back inside, went out to see how hot the grill was and the flames had been blown out. the cover of the grill was open so i assumed, logically as i guess most people would be, that there wouldn't b
of them in the morning. >>> and still ahead on "world news," watch this. espn's anchor hannah storm was burned by an outdoor grill, and tonight, we're going to show you the danger in your backyard. [ stefan ] with a cold or flu, nighttime nasal congestion can be the worst part. my medicine alone doesn't always give me all the congestion relief i need to sleep. [ female announcer ] adding breathe right nasal strips can make all the difference. it's proven to instantly relieve cold or flu nasal congestion. [ stefan ] and because it's drug free, it's safe to use with any medicine to relieve my nighttime stuffy nose. so i can breathe better and sleep better. [ female announcer ] go to for special offers. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. and the active ingredient relieves your cough. there's the sign to the bullpen. here he comes. you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job, the pitch! whoa! so why ar
, riding in a car. what this says about the blood clot near her brain. >>> flareup. espn's hannah storm burned been an exploding outdoor grill. see the danger to you, of cooler weather and a propane fire ball. >>> and more exercise in 2013? see what a 101-year-old woman can do at the gym, and learn the secret of sticking to your resolution. >>> good evening and a happy new year to you, as we begin with the giant new year's surge in the stock market today. it was a kind of celebration, after congress finally took action to pass a deal on taxes, averting the fiscal cliff. the dow jumped 232 points at the opening bell and then kept soaring, gaining more than 308 points by closing time. and abc's bianna golodryga is here to tell us about american retirement accounts and if this bounce is expected to last. >> reporter: good evening, diane. as one trader just told me moments ago, there was a huge sigh of relief on wall street today. investors liking what they heard from washington overnight a lot. the dow jones up 300 points the largest gain the market has seen in over a year. if you combine
regarding fire safety. espn host hannah storm had a terrible accident in her home when this propane grill exploded. it left her with first and second degree burns on her face, neck, chest, and hands. >> then i yelled inside to my daughter who was setting the table, my 16-year-old. i said mommy is on fire. you have to call 911. >> mommy's on fire. call 911. amazing stuff. storm returns to the scene of the accident for the first time with me. that's next. yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> espn "sportscenter" host hannah storm suffered severe burns as the result of a propane grill accident in early december. i was able to visit with her as she returned to the scene of the accident for the first time. >> i go out to light the grill. i'm timing my dinner. i go out to heat up the grill, right? >> heat it up, go back in,
to be standard video diary online. this was posted by a 19-year-old identified as hannah of nebraska. that's her sort of video diary goes on, she's got subtitles here and a pen and pad. look what she writes right about here. i stole a car. then she goes on to tell us about the car that she stole. a shiny, new, pontiac grand am, she says, and even dangles the key of the car. >> what? >> proud of this? what she's accomplished? >> feels accomplished. i took the license plates off and threw them away. i've got my tracks covered. >> though she posted it on youtube? >> yeah. it gets worse. look what it says here. >> what? >> she robbed a bank? >> yeah. i robbed a bank. want plea to prove it? i'll show you the money. look at this $6,256. now she goes on to say, why did i do this? because, you see, i am a victim of the government and goes on to say something about how the government took her baby and charged her with neglect. though she's not a mother now, she says she can still find a purpose in this life. now you're probably wondering, what the heck is this? >> yeah. >> this is real. shortly thereafte
at hannah's come back at rose parade. it was a few weeks she was severely burned at her home. >> on december 11th, espn she was making dinner at her home. she lifted the burners on pro obtain gear and the wind had blown out the fire. >> so i turned the gas off. i went to re-ignite and there was an explosion. >> hannah told the story on gma today. co-hosting the event was first time back. she suffered first-degree burns on her neck and face and second-degree burns on her injured left hand. it also singed her hair. >> i spent an hour in makeup and i have false eyelashes. this is all fake hair. as the hard road for burn victims. i was by far the most fortunate person in my burn unit. >> it should serve as a safety unit that anyone that uses propane gear. pro obtain gas sat on top of the grill instead of being blown by the wind. wait until 15 minutes before relighting a grill to make sure all the gas has dissipated. >> she hopes to be back this sunday but she will wait to see how she feelings this week. >> she looks great. mike nicco taking a look at forecast which has been really cold in the mo
. espn host hannah storm had a terrible accident in her home when this propane grill exploded. it left her with first and second degree burns on her face, neck, chest, and hands. >> then i yelled inside to my daughter who was setting the table, my 16-year-old. i said mommy is on fire. you have to call 911. >> mommy's on fire. call 911. amazing stuff. storm returns to the scene of the accident for the first time with me. that's next. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. or treat gas with these after you get it. now that's like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. ♪ i don't wanna be rig
propane grills after espn's hannah storm tells her story of being badly burned in an explosion. it's really important information that we need to disseminate. >> a household danger. i didn't know it happened to her until after she came out and said, this is what i've been through. so really scary there. >> yep. >>> and then, precious moment. a touching delivery room photo goes viral. take a look at that. the details behind the picture make that our "favorite story of the day." that little hand reaching out. wow! >>> and later -- were you pulling my finger? >> sorry. >> sorry. >> and folks, we're back. we're back, officially. >> yes. the brangelina rumor mill is working overtime. plenty of clues that the couple may have tied the knot on christmas day. >> really? >> all the evidence coming up in "the skinny." >> wow. there we go. there we go. everyone is good. see, showing some restraint. >>> first, president obama has officially signed the fiscal cliff bill into law, which preserves tax cuts for millions of americans. >> but that last-minute deal worked out in congress also has othe
the transition. >>> hannah is healing. returning to the air after being badly burned. what it took to get her ready for the rose parade. >>> and no excuses. if you're headed to the gym this morning, keep an eye out for gertrude, still power walking and pedaling after 101 years. >>> good morning. i'm john muller, in for rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. it turns out the congress had a bungee cord when they took the country over the cliff. >> the house has ended a bitter deal over a tax deal. bringing the country back from the brink. >> tahman bradley joining us with the new developments from washington this morning. hi, tahman. >> reporter: all, paula and john. the country did technically go over the fiscal cliff. but congress has fixed the mess. what they passed is retroactive. so, 99% of americans will not see a change in their tax rate. they finally got it done. congress ended the long drama over the fiscal cliff with house republicans reluctantly passing the senate's bill. >> i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans, while preventing a middle-class tax hike t
every move. bill and chelsea by her side. the latest on her alarming condition. >>> wall of fire. hannah storm dealing with crisis after a fire at home with her family's gas grill. >> that's a terrible feeling. >> the explosion that left her with second-degree burns. how her daughter helped save her. >>> come on. it's time to jump-start your january. >> i'd do what she says. >> and we're revving your entire life into top speed this month. jump-starting your style, your love life, your wallet. and dropping thousands of pounds. right now, we're all in this together. let's get it started, right now, on "gma." >> go on. jump in. >> let's get jumping. >>> and happy new year, everyone. good morning to robin. up and over that 100-day mark in her recovery. what a new year's day it was in washington. the first time congress had to vote on new year's day since the korean war. with no time to spare, they were able to pass a deal that would protect most americans from an income tax increase. and so far, financial markets like what they see. >> talk about going down to the wire. all right. >>> also,
will convict her. dan and nancy here live to weigh in. >>> and espn's hannah storm revealing the terrifying moment she realized she was on fire. the explosion that left her with second-degree burns. and how her daughter saved her. >> stunning story. >>> and let's jumpstart your january. weight loss inspirations, straight ahead. shall we? weight loss inspirations, straight ahead. january. weight loss inspirations, straight ahead. >>> good morning. some parts of the bay area waking up it freezing cold temperatures this morning. frost covers parked cars and truck marin and sonoma counties. mike nico here with the forecast. causing traffic problems with water gushing out is. relarry beirepair crews need tp newly repaired road. water service in the area unaffected. what is going on on the roadways? >> mine nor delays there. a problem in the oakland area southbound 880. the red line just jammed at an earlier multicar accident past fruitville. just been cleared but traffic now backed to 980. and a couple of capital corridor and ace delays for you get you u up to date on what is going on. spare the
in hannah armstrong, a bamako-based research fellow with the institute of current world affairs. you are on the ground in the capital of mallee, in bamako. what is happening there? >> there is an ounce of [indiscernible] [indiscernible] when the french talked about the was an exponential threats [indiscernible] could have easily wound up taking bamako. [indiscernible] >> if you could come closer to your computer, we're having a lot of trouble understanding you. >> is that better? but just keep talking. >> i was saying there are a lot is a lot of euphoria. [indiscernible] they did not have a lot of confidence in their own army to stand their ground. there were reports of soldiers fleeing. as counter intuitive it is for an ex african colony to be thrilled about the arrival of troops and tanks, a kentucky it is very much the case. bamako [indiscernible] >> may ying welsh, your response to what hannah armstrong is describing on the ground, euphoria in bamako with the french bombing of mali? >> i think france to some extent created mali by putting northern and southern mali together, and
's elves hard at work. signs of an all-new iphone after the start of the year. >>> and espn's hannah storm i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >>> welcome back, everyone. wall street is ready for tak
and ratt they never fail to amaze and all next on "good morning america." >> hannah gray, beautiful, i can't wait to hear her story. >> amen to that. >>> iphone color may not be a black and white decision much longer. >> all eyes or wall street as investors react to the fiscal cliff deal. let's go to jane king. >> reporter: big time is the right word. higher start. after monday's gaveest the biggest year end rally. let's look at the numbers. investors responding to the fiscal cliff deal but voids the more draconian automatic cuts a. gains, better than 200 points and bloomberg is up 3%. you know how iphones come in black and white. the next iphone may come out in a rainbow of colors. they say apple is going to offer the next iphone as many as eight different colors. it happened with the introduction will be called the iphone five app which will be launched between may and june. they will offer the ipad in more colors, as well. i'm jane king. >>> thank you. this morning, los angeles is saying no charges will likely be filed against a driver who hit and killed a photographer taking pictures o
hear about the accident? >> actually, um, i have a very sweet memory of hannah, the last time i saw her. i do a lot of conference calls for work. i was on a conference call in the evening when she was finalizing her plans and getting ready to g-- iwas around 10:00 p.m. and she handed me a note, and said, "bails is picking me up, bye, love you." and i was on the phone, and i really couldn't, uh, speak with her, but i waved her back for a hug before she left the house. then i completed my call, and a neighbor called -- her daughter is also a good friend of our daughter, hannah -- she wasn't with them at the time. and she said, "i don't really know the details, i don't know the circumstances, but i believe that the girls were involved in an accident. from someone in authority, they told you to dohat? >> well, actually, the way we found out is that, we drove to thompson hospital in canandaigua, which is in the general direction that the girls were going. and that was kind of a gathering point. we had heard that the girls were going to be brought there. and, so, their friends -- word got aro
. anastasia and her daughter hannah have also taken the challenge to take a break from the booze. it is better than the 15 years one month and 355 days hannah has to wait for her first drink. keep your chin un, hannah. anastasia is also excited about hoda's new book. >> well, look at that. >> it would make a great read. >> the "new york times" best selling book. >> and it's a "new york times" best selling book. it's going to be amazing when she reads it in miami, florida. >> yes, it will. 81 degrees there today. sdwlo anastasia will enjoy a three-night stay at the angler's boutique resort in miami. it includes $100 food and beverage credit. >> that will get i you a mimosa. >> now, miss sarah has something to do. the reason we had that early is because sarah is going to go outside in the snow. >> in the snow. >> we're starting something very exciting. >> we hope. i have my doubts. i do. >> we're doing a spinning wheel with games on it. we're going to get a couple of people who are just outside on the plaza. it may be one of them, but probably unlikely. they're going to spin a wheel and play a g
health tonight. >>> flare-up. espn's hannah storm burned by an exploding outdoor grill. see the danger to you, of cooler weather and a propane fire ball. >>> and more exercise in 2013? see what a 101-year-old woman can do at the gym, and learn the secret of sticking to your resolution.
. >>> comeback story. our friend and colleague at espn, hannah storm, back hosting the rose parade after a terrifying accident at home. the grill explosion that left her with first and second degree burns. and tonight, the lesson for all of us, as she shares her story right here. >>> and the reunion. the moment at the parade no one saw coming. not even the little boy, stunned by his new year's surprise.
. >>> espn anchor hannah storm returned in front of the camera tuesday hosting the tournament of roses parade. you may recall last month she sustained first and second degree burns to her face, hands, chest and check in a propane gas grill accident outside her home in connecticut. storm lost roughly half her hair in the accident and wore extensions in the show. if your new year's resolution includes healthy living you may want to lose the diet and go for healthy holiday leftovers. a new study finds that extra weight can help you live longer. who are these people that do these studies? researchers say small amounts of fat makes the body more resilient during illness. >>> thanks to congress, america's most successful earners will face their first major tax increase in 20 years. the budget did give stock markets around the globe a very positive boost from hong kong, india and britain markets were all trading on the upside. >>> well, back home, one of the first in the nation's single serve plastic water bottles are now being banned from being sold in concord, new hampshire. >>> the biggest gambli
. all right. and another student, hannah lee. i'm not sure she's here tonight so that concludes our certificates of recognition. let's give them a hand for their hard work please. [applause] thank you very much. >> as a point of personal privilege later in the meeting we have the moment where we announce new people to our committees and mine is in the audience and mark will be joining the sac and mark will you stand up. [applause] any other comments from the board? >> yes. so as a past member of the kak for many years i know the time and dedication it takes. i want to say thank you very much and particularly say thank you to claire waskey my appointee coming off four years of dedicated service for our school district. she's also a school librarian and so claire if you're listening i want to say thank you so much for representing our district on the peace. thank you very much. [applause] >> i just really want to thank each and other one of you and your families because i know it takes a lot of time in the evenings and i want to thank jeff and maggie for their service as my appoi
. >> hannah storm returns to work after being burned in a gas explosion. this morning she is opening up about that scary ordeal. >> if you thought there was no stronger bond than identical twins you want to think again. why two bundles of joy are bringing the sisters closer. >> reporter: traffic is starting to pick up on 95. north of 195, i will let you know what traffic looks like on 83 and beltway coming up on good morning maryland. >>> hanna hf storm is back at work. >> she returned new year day to host rose parade. this is the first appearance since she was hurt what propane grill exploded and her left hand still damaged. >> it happened in a split second and it's so shocking and immediately i was on fire. >> you can see the bannedage she was wearing during the a -- bandage she was wearing during the parade. she suffered first and second degree burns to chest hand and face and neck. >>> dancing with the stars judgment married his long time girlfriend. 68-year-old surprised family andfriends and they thought they were coming for lunch. only his 96-year-old mother knew what he was up to. >>
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 104 (some duplicates have been removed)